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Okay. Mal Malloy. 160 lbs of thickness or fatness?

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  4. londonrandomness answered: Thickness, she ain’t fat!! :)
  5. penachyna answered: 160lbs of grossness #JustSaying
  6. ca3 answered: I’ll agree with anyone that would say we could benefit from some regular exercise, however, despite that she’s still a beautiful woman.
  7. cxsi answered: fitness.
  8. thegoldinchyld answered: She’s so Hot, gotta Smash like you’re Life depended on it to get through them Ass & Thighs though.
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    Yeah, I like ’em like Mal Malloy…
  10. geefour answered: Shes adorable. Killer curves.
  11. eyes-for-cleavage answered: 160 lbs of heavenly beautiful curves!
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  13. snapbackcole answered: thickness.!!!!
  14. booty-gang answered: thickness gotta give it up to her!!!
  15. ziggyzoggy answered: THICKness
  16. redxboar answered: If you have to ask this question, then you just don’t get it.